WR – Unchanged top 50 in singles and shifting landscape in doubles

The recent FITEQ World Rankings have brought both excitement and stability to the global Teqball community.

The latest rankings showcase a remarkable consistency in the top 50 of both women’s and men’s singles while unveiling subtle changes in the doubles categories, specifically women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles.

In 2024 as the new World Ranking policies influence not only the international events but the domestic ones too, players can collect WR points even on the tier 5 tournaments as well.

Unlike in the last month, both the women’s & men’s singles categories witnessed no significant shifts in the top 50 of the FITEQ World Rankings. The stalwarts of Teqball, who have consistently demonstrated their unparalleled skills and determination, continue to dominate the charts. Fontes, as the current title holder, Greco, world champion of 2022, and the Queen of 2021, Izsak are still on the podium.

Among men, Gyorgydeak as the King of 2022 is leading, Duszak who got the throne last year is second, while the record champion with four, Blazsovics is on the podium’s lowest spot.

Have you seen the new episode of the reshaped Heroes of Teqball with the current title holder in men’s singles, Adrian Duszak?

While the singles categories displayed stability, the women’s doubles rankings saw a few noteworthy changes. The dynamic nature of doubles competitions introduces an extra layer of unpredictability, and this was evident in the shuffled rankings. While Janicsek, Vasas, and Greco are still the top 3, the Argentinian Fiorella Pellegrini Boaglio stepped back two positions as well as Stephanie Brito (POR). However, the biggest drop came from Christine Kwon. The American teqer lost six positions.

All quiet in mixed doubles. Only Leonardo Santana swapped places with Adrian Duszak in the top 50. The Brazilian is now the 25th.

The men’s doubles category experienced subtle shifts in the rankings. The tactical intricacies of doubles play were on full display as some pairs rose through the ranks while others faced a slight dip. The dynamic duo from Hungary, Katz and Banyik are still leading in front of the Serbians, Mitro and Marojevic. World champion silver medalist, Julian Grondin lost the most with seven spots, but Joao Barreto who came up with his best performance ever when finished as runner-up at the first event overseas in 2023 along with Frankie Diaz in this category also leaped back five positions.

The FITEQ World Ranking list is refreshed after each month when the gained points will be added while the credits that came later than two years will be taken away.

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